Kendall Woods in Thieving Care Consultant

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JB has been noticing small odds and ends around the house disappearing lately. There was no way it was his wife, it probably wasn‘t his child, and there can only be one other person --- Kendall, the babysitter. He decided to catch this little thief in the act by placing nanny cams around the house. He called over for Kendall, she showed up on time as usual, but little did she know she was secretly going to be watched. When JB returns, Kendall is in a rush to leave, but JB knows whats really good. He forces her to empty her pockets, and what do you know, shes trying to smuggle loads of cash out of the house. Instead of getting super heated and getting her fired, JB decides to let her in on a little secret. It turns out there‘s no reason for her to steal because there are other ways she can earn money. Like doing all of the things his wife wont do for him. Kendall wonders what that might be, but when she sees his cock she understands. Kendall got down on all fours and started sucking, even let JB hit the pussy too, something his frigid wife does less often than the occurrence of Haley‘s Comet. Damn that shit was nice and tight, but looks like JB will have to hold in his load like his wife makes him. HELL NAH! For the extra cash, Kendall goes all out and sacrifices her dry skin for some creamy man moisturizer. Kendall learned a valuable lesson working at the babysitters club, and we can only hope she takes this with her for the rest of her little life!

カテゴリー: アマチュア, , ベイブ, 巨乳, フェラチオ, カムショット, 黒檀, ハードコア, ティーン

ポルノスター: Kendall Woods

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Kendall Woods in Thieving Care Consultant

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